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Affiliate Program

Generous affiliate program

All ingenious is simple. Just as Bitcoin has made it simple for private investors to get income, our program allows a simple and transparent way to get huge income in the amount of 15% from all investments you attract. 

Other platforms try to fox coming up with complicated plans and restricting your income by the size of your investment. We are here to return equality and allow you getting decent income.

Now you can get a decent reward, and for this you do not need to understand the intricacies and pitfalls of different investment plans. It is simple: invite partners and get a generous reward every day!


The 0.5% of partner reward is paid daily and within 30 days from the date of making investment. In case of withdrawal of investments during this period, partner accruals continue to be paid in accordance with the recalculation for the actual amount of the investment. For example, your invited partner has made an investment of 10 BTC, but has withdrawn 5 BTC after 15 days. Then, the first 15 days you will receive 0.5% from the amount of 10 BTC daily, and the remaining 15 days – from the actual deposit amount, i.e., 5 BTC.